Sheriff’s Department Releases Information on Dr. Whiteside Investigation

The Door County Sheriff’s Office has released information on its investigation into the death of Doctor Jeffrey Whiteside, whose body was found in a wooded area in the Town of Liberty Grove on July 22nd. The site was two and a half miles from the location in Ephraim where he was last seen. The news release issued by the sheriff’s department indicates that the Grand Chute physician died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound sometime around June 29th. No drugs or alcohol were indicated in the toxicology report. A .22-caliber Ruger revolver, which had been discharged once, was found at the scene. A trace of the weapon revealed that it had been purchased from a sporting goods company in Iowa in 1963. Interviews with siblings of Doctor Whiteside indicated that the store was frequented by their father. A gun case found in the Whiteside boat at the Ephraim Marina had an impression that matched the revolver and ammunition in the case was similar to ammunition in the gun. On August 14th, the Brown County Medical Examiner’s Office, which conducted the autopsy on Doctor Whiteside’s remains, completed its report indicating that the cause of death was suicide. The Door County Sheriff’s Office noted in its news release that the examinations of a cell phone and the hand gun found at the death scene will continue. The department expressed appreciation to Headwater Search and Rescue and the K9 group KERT for the coordinated effort that led to the discovery of the body of Doctor Jeffrey Whiteside.

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