Sevastopol’s Academic Success a Credit to Community

Students at Sevastopol School in Institute compiled the second highest district score out of 424 school districts in Wisconsin as part of the 2016/17 state report cards recently released by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Sevastopol’s score of 94.5 falls into the “significantly exceeds expectations” category. As such, it was the highest district score of all 4K-12 districts and the only score in the top ten by a traditional 4K-12 school district. Sevastopol Superintendent Kyle Luedtke explains why the numbers were up in the middle and elementary schools…

School Board President Lisa Bieri joined Superintendent Luedtke in praising the community effort they believe is responsible for Sevastopol’s excellent report card…

The priority areas scored as part of the report card include student achievement, school growth, closing gaps and on-track and post secondary readiness.

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