Sevastopol School Demo Update

If you’ve driven through Institute recently you probably noticed the shocking sight of Sevastopol School’s 3-story section is now mostly a pile of rubble. Sevastopol Superintendent Kyle Luedtke gave us an update on how much of that demolition is completed at this point……

As for the timeline of that demolition, Luedtke says they are now about 3 weeks out from completion, but they are currently a little ahead of schedule. Here, Luedtke explains a few of the items from the old school which are being saved and incorporated into the new section……

He also told us some of their other work associated with the ongoing construction project, and the current selling of the old bricks…..

He also mentioned if anyone wants a large amount of the old bricks for any projects, you should call the school ahead of time and they should be able to arrange that as well. Also, they have announced the much anticipated ribbon cutting ceremony for the school’s new section to be Sunday August 22nd at 2:00 pm.

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