Sevastopol School Construction Update

Classes at Sevastopol School began last week Tuesday, but they are still finishing up some of this summer’s construction work in the school. Superintendent Kyle Luedtke details some of that work yet to be done, both in the school and outdoors…..

Until that north parking lot is completed, they are still working with a temporary traffic pattern around the school. At this time the buses, student parking, and parent drop-off are all in the south parking lot off of Ripp Road. When the north lot is done that will alleviate the current traffic in the south lot. Aside from that congestion, Luedtke says it is going well as everyone cooperates…..

Then, with an old section of the school removed and a new section added on, some older students had more trouble getting used to the new floor plan…….

As Luedtke says, nothing ever goes 100% smoothly, but he’s glad the students are adapting well and they are excited to finish the remaining construction and settle into the new normal flow of the school grounds.

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