Sen. Andre Jacque Tests Positive for COVID-19

In a correspondence from the office of Senator Andre Jacque, we learned that the District 1 senator, along with some of his family, have tested positive for COVID-19 at the end of last week after he returned from Madison. Jacque says he was largely asymptomatic with the exception of fatigue, a condition he attributed to lack of sleep since the birth of his latest child. He says his office has been following all protocols and Jacque personally has reached out to the recent limited number of close contacts he has had in the event he might have been COVID-positive at that time. He does not believe any of his staff or close contacts are experiencing symptoms. He also states that he is currently in the hospital with pneumonia. Senator Jacque, an active lawmaker who has opposed face mask and vaccine mandates, is a monthly guest on our WDOR Talk Show. His most recent on-air interview was last week Monday, August 9th, when he phoned in his interview, as opposed to his usual in-person appearance, mentioning he felt under the weather.

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