SBPD Investigating Stabbing *UPDATE*

The Sturgeon Bay Police Department has provided updated information on an incident at a downtown bowling alley early Friday morning. A 30-year old city man was injured by a knife, but he was not stabbed, per se. Instead, he sustained a slashing-type injury when the knife was taken away from him. Prior to getting cut, the man had been brandishing the knife, but, apparently, not in a threatening manner. Officers were alerted shortly before 2:30AM, following a 911 call about a disorderly individual at the bar. The man was gone when police arrived. However, they were able to follow a blood trail which led them to the injured party. He also produced the knife and gave it to the officers. A department spokesman says all of the participants were highly intoxicated at the time and the injury appears to be more accidental than intentional. While local law enforcement acknowledges that the incident could have been more serious, the only citation that has been issued is one for disorderly conduct.

*Original story updated with new information*

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