SB Historical Society Offers to Pay for Structural Analysis of Granary

The Sturgeon Bay Historical Society is offering an incentive to the city council for saving the old grain elevator from the wrecking ball. The group says it will pay for an analysis of the building by an outside firm to determine how structurally sound it is. The group says, if it is shown that the granary is not worth saving, it will cover the cost of taking it down. Earlier, the organization announced that it had received a pledge of $1.25 million that would be dedicated toward the effort to bring the grain elevator back to its former glory. The Sturgeon Bay Historical Society Board of Directors consists of several of the individuals of a friends group that was actively engaged in the effort to stop a hotel from being constructed on the waterfront. The list includes President Christie Weber and Treasurer Shawn Fairchild, both of whom sued the city, Kelly Avenson Goettelman, Elaine Carmichael, Ame Grail, and Bonnie Statz. First District Alderperson Kelly Catarozoli, who had been the group’s vice-president, resigned that position when it was suggested that she had a significant conflict of interest by sitting on the council and the board of directors of the historical society at the same time.

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