Saturday Water Rescue in Sturgeon Bay

There was a water rescue performed in Sturgeon Bay Saturday afternoon. Shortly after 2:00 pm, a rescue call came in for a sailboat which had become lodged on Dunlap’s reef approximately 200 yards out from Bay Shipbuilding. The response included Sturgeon Bay Fire and Rescue, the US Coast Guard, and Door County EMS . The fire department launched “Marine – 1” and an additional boat, while the Coast Guard launched two boats as well. Of the 7 people on the stranded boat, 5 were retreived by the Coast Guard and brought to the fire rescue boat and brought ashore. The boat owner and one occupant stayed on the boat to assist while the Coast Guard later dislodged the boat and pulled it to safety. Assistant Fire Chief Kalin Montevideo reports they were on the scene until the Coast Guard gave them clearing to depart after one hour.

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