Removal of Waterfront Dirt Piles Depends on Who Owns Them

Most Sturgeon Bay residents would be averse to the idea of digging up dirt, that is unless you’re talking about the piles of dirt on city property off Madison Avenue, near the old granary. The dirt piles, which were brought in as fill in connection with the construction of a proposed hotel, are considered an eyesore by some who have made their feelings known to the mayor, the city council and city administration. However, wanting to move the fill is one thing, doing it is another. During discussions on the matter, it was reported that there is a question as to who really owns the piles. Council-members were told during their regular meeting Tuesday that Bob Papke, developer of an abandoned waterfront hotel project, claims the fill is his. Mayor Thad Birmingham talked about a course of action if it is determined that the city owns the piles…

On the other hand, if someone else has ownership, the answer should be less complicated, according to Mayor Birmingham…

At the urging of Council-Woman Barb Allman, city staff will work on developing cost estimates for dealing with the sand that include reshaping the dirt and adding some plantings.

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