Referendum on Half Percent Sales Tax Will be on April Ballot

The Sturgeon Bay Common Council has set in motion the process that will lead to a referendum in April on the implementation of a half a percent sales tax locally to generate funds for accelerated work on streets and sidewalks in the city. The council Tuesday agreed with the ad hoc committee on funding for local street and infrastructure that a premier resort area tax or was the best way to provide the long term funding needed for fixing deteriorating streets. Councilman David Ward, committee chairman, said the tax could generate about $800,000 annually…

Ward noted that the half a percent tax would be imposed at every outlet in Sturgeon Bay where the state sales tax is charged. He explained what the city’s other options might be if the referendum is not successful…

The idea of a wheel tax, or a fee on residents’ vehicles, has been floated as a means of generating revenue to fix the streets. Council-members agreed that residents should be provided information that will explain why the premier resort area tax was the best way to generate the dollars needed.

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