Police Warn of Craigslist Scams

The old adage, “Let The buyer beware”, is more true today than it has ever been. Another example of an attempt to defraud a local resident surfaced earlier this month when a Sturgeon Bay man reported a scam involving Craigslist. The man said he was selling an item through the online service when he received a check for $2,200, much more than his asking price. When the man received a text message about the check a short time later, he contacted police who determined that the check was fraudulent. Another old adage that says, “If It seems to good to be true, it probably is”, applies here. The Sturgeon Bay Police Department says anyone with questions about a call, mailed correspondence or messages sent via the internet should not hesitate to contact the department at 746-2450, check out www.sturgeonbaypolice.com


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