Police Say Missing Teen May be in Milwaukee

The Sturgeon Bay Police Department says the cell phone of a missing Sturgeon Bay teenager has been tracked to the Milwaukee area. On Wednesday, Captain Dan Brinkman told WDOR News that 17-year old Louis Jefferson Amelinckx had been missing since Monday. After the disappearance was reported to city police, an investigation was able to track him from Sturgeon Bay to Green Bay to Oshkosh. Late Wednesday, Captain Brinkman reported that the youth’s phone was operating in the Milwaukee area. Now comes word that a woman gave a young man bearing the local teen’s description a ride to Milwaukee. She dropped him off at a McDonald’s parking lot at the corner of 25th and Nation. He was wearing a black jacket and a grey hat and carrying a backpack. The woman said he did not appear to be in any distress. The Sturgeon Bay Police Department continues to follow up on tips and work with other law enforcement agencies in an effort to find 17-year old Louis Amelinckx. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the Sturgeon Bay teen is asked to call the Sturgeon Bay Police at 920-746-2450.

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