Planned Bridge Closures

Two bridges in Sturgeon Bay are expected to have planned closures during the month of September. Of the two, the Michigan Street Bridge will be down the longest. According to the Department of Transportation, the more than 80 year old span will be closed to pedestrian & vehicular traffic from Monday, September 19th until Friday, October 14th. The Oregon Street Bridge will be closed for part of a day, Thursday, September 8th, from 7AM to 2PM. The 3 year old bridge is being closed in advance of the Michigan Street Bridge closure for washing & minor maintenance. It would have been closed to do the work in the Spring, but was kept open while the Michigan Street Bridge was closed. The older downtown bridge is being shut down to complete painting & inspections of the structure. Painting will include the bascule spans & touching up parts of the bridge that are seen by the public. The DOT also plans to conduct a routine inspection of the structure while it is closed for painting. During the closure, the span will be left in the open position to accommodate water navigation. Painting was suspended & the bridge opened on July 1st in deference to Sturgeon Bay’s tourism season. the painting had already been delayed, due to adverse weather conditions in the spring.

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