Pilots Encountering Interference Near Cherryland Airport

Pilots flying over the City of Sturgeon Bay have reported radio interference in the form of a morse code type signal that is being transmitted on the unicom frequency of 122.7 mega-hertz. The signal is being picked up just east of the Cherryland Airport and is lost about a mile north of the Sturgeon Bay city limits. Keith Kasbohm, airport manager, says the signal is blocking the pilot’s ability to communicate in the vicinity of Sturgeon Bay. The frequency, 122.7, is commonly used by licensed pilots to communicate with each other in the air and with personnel on the ground. Kasbohm says it is very important to keep the frequency clear for that purpose. He says the interference is a very serious safety issue for pilots. Kasbohm says anyone who has been experimenting recently with any type of radio equipment that might be transmitting on the pilot’s frequency are urged to turn off their transmitter and contact the FCC for a proper operating frequency.

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