Pilot Error Leads to Belly Landing at Ephraim Gibraltar Airport

It was a routine landing except for one thing, the pilot forgot to put down landing gear as his aircraft was landing at the Ephraim/Gibraltar Airport Thursday afternoon. Luckily, no one was injured when the Cessna 182 airplane skidded across the runway at about 4:18PM. The plane, carrying four passengers, had flown from Madison to Washington Island without incident and was landing in Ephraim as part of a visit to Door County. The pilot, 35-year old John Bradley of Arena, Wisconsin, said he didn’t realize that the landing gear was still up until he was making his approach and it was too late to abort the landing. The aircraft skidded about 474 feet before coming to a stop. It’s passengers were from Madison and Arena, Wisconsin. After the accident was investigated by the Door County Sheriff’s Department and the Federal Aviation Administration was contacted, the Cessna was lifted off the runway.

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