Peninsula Pulse Becomes Sturgeon Bay’s Official Newspaper of Record

Effective May 1st, the Peninsula Pulse will be the new official newspaper of record for the City of Sturgeon Bay. This was decided at Tuesday evening’s Common Council meeting. Mayor Dave Ward briefly explains how that switch from the Door County Advocate to the Peninsula Pulse came to be………..

Those legislative hurdles which Mayor Ward mentioned slowly changed over the years, and it was in 2019 when the Pulse began taking steps towards becoming the newspaper of record for some areas. Peninsula Pulse co-owner and co-founder Dave Eliot explains….

Then it was last May when the governor signed a bill drafted by Rep. Joel Kitchens changing the requirements for such a newspaper to print legal notices. The publication used to be required to have just over 50% of its circulation be paid subscribers, but the new requirement was for it to have at least 300 subscribers. The Pulse then began printing legal notices from more municipalities, school districts, and county governments. Before becoming the official newspaper for Sturgeon Bay, they had to establish their point of publication with a mail permit in the city for over 50 weeks. That time has passed and Tuesday evening the Common Council voted unanimously to establish the Pulse as the city’s official newspaper……

Currently, 12 Door County municipalities publish legal notices in the Pulse as well as 3 of the 5 school districts. This legal designation of newspaper of record must be renewed every year.

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