Over $8,000 in Wire Stolen From Two Work Sites

For the most part, recycling is a good thing. But when its is done by people with larceny on their minds it’s another thing altogether. The Door County Sheriff’s Department is investigating reports of the theft of wire from work sites in the county earlier this month. Wiring was taken from equipment at a gravel pit in the Town of Union. The owner indicated that the wire on a conveyor was cut off during the winter when it was not in use. He noticed the theft when he went to the gravel pit to get things ready for the season. The cost to replace and rewire the equipment was set at $4,373 dollars.
Two spools of feeder cable are missing from a quarry in the Town of Sturgeon Bay. The thieves apparently cut a lock on a gate and made off with the three phase copper wire, probably using a pickup truck to do so. The loss was listed at $4,000 dollars.

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