Open House Planned for Kress Pavilion & Egg Harbor Library

Plans are coming together for an open house at the new Donald and Carol Kress Pavilion and Village of Egg Harbor Library. The event, on February 17th, is one of several opportunities people have had or will have at the recently constructed building located at the corner of church and orchard streets. The new facility features a second floor great hall event space, wrap-around porches for a spectacular view of the village and bay, two meeting spaces, and, a lounge and living room with fireplace, as well as the library. Village Administrator Ryan Heise says the building was showcased during a new year’s eve party…

Heise says, in terms of village facilities, the opening of the Egg Harbor pavilion and library will impact some offices, but not others…

A ribbon-cutting ceremony is planned for May to officially open the Kress Pavilion and Egg Harbor Library.

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