Ohio Teen Arrested for Threats Leading to Lockdowns at Numerous Schools

The lockdown at Sevastopol School Thursday morning was the direct result of a viral post on Facebook threatening a shooting scenario. Now comes word that a 17-year old girl in Ohio has been arrested for threatening to bring a gun to school and referring to the school as “SHS.” The post was made under the name “Ray Andres.” The FBI and Clark County deputies in Ohio were able to pinpoint the location of where the social media post was generated. After executing a search warrant and seizing a number of electronic devices, the teen was arrested. The girl was a student of Springfield High School, located between Dayton and Columbus, Ohio. After the post was shared on a nationwide basis, many schools with the initials, “SHS,” like Sevastopol, became concerned and took security measures. The student is facing felony charges of inducing panic.

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