Sturgeon Bay Additional Cardboard Recycling Dumpster

Due to the drastic increase in online shopping during the pandemic, there has been an abundance of cardboard taking up much needed space in Sturgeon Bay’s recycling receptacles. Many residents have phoned in to Municipal Services about their accelerated volume of cardboard being recycled lately. Some have even began discarding their cardboard in the trash, which actually negates the reason for the recycling program. Since the disposal of this excess cardboard becomes an added expense to city residents, Municipal Services will now provide a “cardboard only” recycling dumpster at their office location on 14th Avenue. This must be used for cardboard only. If contaminated with non-cardboard items it will need to be disposed of as waste instead of recycled. This “cardboard only” dumpster will serve as a trial so they can gauge its use. If it is used properly and not contaminated they will continue the service.

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