New Deputies at DC Sheriff’s Office

The Door County Sheriff’s Office gained some new faces on Friday while also promoting a few officers already in the department. There was a swearing in ceremony for 4 new deputies. Patrol Deputy Clayton Paral took the oath, while in the correctional department deputies Lydiah LeCloux, Samual Schumacher, and Hanna Rass were all sworn in as well. These new recruits come at a very important time as the department has seen some retirements lately. Chief Deputy Patrick McCarty explains……

As he says, they did know these retirements were coming so they were able to plan ahead, and these young new deputies will surely benefit the Sheriff’s Department…….

Friday there was also a promotional ceremony while Patrol Sergeant Mike Reeths and Security Sergeant Joy Bordeau both rose in rank. And it was back in December of 2020 when Lieutenant Bob Lauder retired, but due to COVID conditions there was no formal gathering to commemorate his 21 years with the department. On Friday the SWAT team gave special honor to now retired Lieutenant Lauder for his years of service and dedication to that team, and to the department as a whole.

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