Nature Conservancy Awarded Grant to Control Invasive Species

A grant of $186,200 has been awarded to the Nature Conservancy as part of a two-year initiative to control invasive species and restore and enhance coastal wetlands within the Door Peninsula Coastal Wetlands Ramsar Site. The grant from the “Sustain Our Great Lakes” program will be matched with additional funding from the conservancy and the Ridges Sanctuary, as well as volunteer hours donated to the project, to bring the total funding to $413,600. The Ramsar Wetlands Site includes the Mink River Estuary, North Bay, Toft Point, Spike Horn Bay, and Cana Island natural areas. Kari Hagenow, Nature Conservancy Land Steward and Coordinator of the county’s invasive species team, says the funding will allow the team to make real progress in removing some of the worst populations of a half a dozen non-native species invading the coastal wetlands…

Hagenow says the work is expected to begin in June of 2017 and involves a four-person crew…

Hagenow says invasive species populations will be mapped and areas under greatest threat prioritized. Populations of any new species they find will also be mapped.

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