Murphy to Resign as County Administrator

Maureen Murphy, who has been Door County Administrator since October of 2012, has tendered her resignation, effective November 3rd. In a letter to Door County Board Chairman Dan Austad, Murphy said she had accepted the position of Executive Director of the Volunteer Center of Door County, calling it an opportunity to lead one of the finest organizations in Door County. Murphy said she was inspired by the work the Volunteer Center does to connect volunteers with 400 or so non-profits in Door County during her time on its board of directors. On a more somber note, she noted that her extended family’s medical needs require more frequent travel and the Volunteer Center position will provide the flexibility her schedule needs. Murphy said her two-year tenure as Door County Administrator has been a very busy one with much accomplished. The transition brought about by the implementation of act ten successfully balanced the needs of employees with what the taxpayers could afford. The restructuring of the compensation plan could save the county as much as a million dollars in health insurance costs., Door County’s tax rate was rated eighth lowest among the state’s 72 counties, and needed programs such as Family Care and Iris will soon be implemented.

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