Murder Plot Discovered by Authorities

Two northern Door County residents are in police custody in connection with an alleged plot to kill a confidential informant. Possible charges include conspiracy to commit first degree intentional homicide, solicitation of first degree homicide, witness intimidation, and bail jumping. The man and woman, ages 29 and 30, have made court appearances, but have not been charged.

According to the court complaint, an inmate at the Door County jail was solicited to kill the informant for $2,000, $1,000 to be paid before the murder and $1,000 after the deed was accomplished. The victim was targeted for his cooperation with authorities who conducted a recent drug bust. As part of the plan, a note was to be given to a 29-year old woman who would help set the murder plot in motion. The confidential informant was to be given strong drugs that would lead to a fatal overdose. Meanwhile, authorities were aware of the proposed homicide plot and monitored the situation.

The court complaint indicates that the note was delivered and the price settled on for the fatal drugging was $1,200 cash and a used car. Local authorities stepped in to short circuit any further activity and the couple accused of the plot were jailed.

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