More than $150,000 Raised for Defibrillators in Door County

Back in February, the Door County Fire Chiefs Association launched their Defibs-4-Door County campaign. Just before then, an anonymous donor began the campaign with a challenge grant worth $75,000 to add new automatic external defibrillators to the county to help save lives. That campaign ran through Labor Day, and they were able to raise an additional nearly $80,000. Combined with the initial matching grant, that was enough to add 84 new defibrillators to qualifying government agencies and organizations throughout Door County, effectively doubling the county’s inventory prior to the campaign.
Of those 84 new units, 63 have been distributed to local government agencies, including law enforcement, fire departments, EMS, and DNR agents. Then 21 new units went to community organizations with high-traffic locations, including schools, churches, museums, marinas, and performing arts venues.
It was just this August when the value of these defibrillators was revealed. Local EMS volunteer Carol Forner responded to a 911 call medical incident near her Gills Rock home. A 59 year-old seasonal Gills Rock resident was in a vehicle on Highway 42 near Weborg Dock when she experienced concerning symptoms and lost consciousness. Forner keeps a defibrillator in her personal vehicle and was on the scene within 3 minutes to use the life saving device. By the time the ambulance arrived the patient had a strong pulse and good vital signs.
The Door County Fire Chiefs Association encourages members of the public to partake in local CPR and defibrillator training classes.
For more information go to or you can find the Door County Fire Chief’s Association on facebook.

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