Mayor Breaks Tie Vote on West Side School Development

Mayor David Ward broke a three to three tie of the Sturgeon Bay City Council Tuesday evening in connection with a proposed planned unit development involving the old west side school and the west side field. The mayor’s vote means the process will continue. The PUD project calls for rehabbing the old school into apartments and adding 30-units which would be placed on a portion of the softball field. The city council was asked to approve the first reading of an ordinance change that would rezone the property from “single family residential” to a “planned unit development” as part of the proposal submitted by Northpointe Development, a second reading is needed for the ordinance change to move forward. That’s expected to happen on November 19th. There was a tied vote because Council-Member Helen Bacon was excused from the meeting. Besides Mayor Ward, those supporting the resolution were Council-Members Dan Williams, David Hayes, and Seth Wiederanders. Those opposing it were Alder-Persons Kelly Avenson, Gary Nault, and Kirsten Reeths.

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