Maritime Museum Granted Extension for Tower Project

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Proposed Maritime Tower
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The Door County Maritime Museum has been given a one year extension on its planned unit development related to the construction of a 110-foot observation tower. The Sturgeon Bay City Council, on a unanimous vote, approved the extension Tuesday even though the previous authorization had lapsed. Under the rules of a PUD, developers are given two years to get a project underway. If that is not possible, a one year extension may be sought. City Attorney Randy Nesbitt told the council that the ordinance language lays out the process, but does not say the matter must be sent back to the city plan commission to start all over again if the authorization lapses. Nesbitt pointed out that, on two occasions, the council has granted PUD extensions even though the deadline date had passed. Christie Weber, a former member of the city plan commission, said it was bad business for the council to approve an extension so long after it had lapsed, she suggested that the project be considered a second time. Rick O’Farrell, Executive Director of the Maritime Museum, said the museum was in the process of soliciting donors and needed the extension to expand the current level of fundraising. Later, he talked with WDOR News about future fundraising plans…

O’Farrell said the project continues to reflect the concept that originally was presented to and approved by the city plan commission…

A quarter of a million dollars of the estimated four million dollar cost of the observation tower proposed for the Maritime Museum facility on Sturgeon Bay’s west side waterfront has been raised to date. The organization has said it will not begin work on the project until three quarters of the estimated cost has been raised.

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