Local Video on Twitter Investigated

The Door County Sheriff’s Office was contacted July 6th by a concerned citizen in regards to a local video posted on Twitter. They also received several Facebook messages about this video post. The video, seemingly recorded July 4th in Sister Bay, was a recording of the Black Lives Matter protest, with the person making the video saying disparaging comments about the protesters and mimicking firing a handgun at them with his fingers. The Sheriff’s Office announced they have not been able to positively identify the Twitter account owner or the person who made the video. The Wisconsin Department of Justice – Division of Criminal Investigations was notified and were also unable to identify the owner of the account. The information was then forwarded to their Threat Analysis Unit. The Sheriff’s Office contacted Twitter reporting the content as abusive or hateful and the video has since been removed. The Sheriff’s Office would also like to thank everyone for contacting them regarding this video. They support the right to exercise free speech without being threatened, and their investigation will continue as new information becomes available.

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