Liberty Grove Voters Reject Levy Override

Voters in the Town of Liberty Grove rejected a town board proposal to exceed the state-imposed levy limits for the 2014 budget by $200,000 at a special meeting Monday evening. The vote of 98 to 77 is binding on the town board. Based on the state’s formula, under normal circumstances, the town may only raise its levy by the percentage increase in its equalized valuation based on new construction. However, voters can grant the board power to exceed the levy limits. The tax levy, approved at $1,574,818, falls within state guidelines. By a one-vote margin, the recommended highway budget of $852,000 was also defeated, 86 to 85. It appears that another vote related to the road budget will be attempted in December. Town officials have said if the budget increase request is rejected, deep cuts in discretionary spending will be necessary, projects will be delayed, & maintenance work curtailed.

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