Kitchens Working to Pass Clean Water Access Bill

State Representative Joel Kitchens says he was pleased to see that the state senate committee on natural resources voted unanimously in favor of a bill related to local assistance for remediating contaminated wells and failing wastewater systems and award limits for contaminated well grants. The Sturgeon Bay Republican is working with State Senator Rob Cowles on the legislation. He says the bill will provide relief and access to clean water, a basic right most of us take for granted. Kitchens says the karst geo-region of Wisconsin is particularly problematic in northeast Wisconsin where there is a very high concentration of dairy cattle and very little soil to act as a filter to remove fecal contaminants before they reach the groundwater. Additionally, Kitchens says recent testing in Kewaunee County has shown a high number of contaminated wells. He says he looks forward to working with his colleagues in the assembly to pass its version of the bill so the state can start providing the relief people deserve.

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