Kitchens Staying Out Of West Side Waterfront Impasse Until Need Be

State Representative Joel Kitchens says he has stayed out of the middle of the impasse over the use of west side waterfront property in Sturgeon Bay, but, if the process plays out as he believes it will, that will change. Kitchens, who attempted to mediate a settlement between the city and a friends group, says he has kept out of it while the matter went to the courts and the DNR began the process of determining an ordinary high water mark, the line that determines what is public and what is private property. He says the DNR has made a preliminary determination and is expected to come up with a final assessment after a declaratory hearing next week…

Kitchens says the matter could be the subject of endless legal battles if something isn’t done…

State Representative Joel Kitchens joined Eddy Allen for the WDOR talk show Thursday.

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