Hunting at the Ridges

This reminder, portions of the Ridges Sanctuary nature preserve near Baileys Harbor will be open to hunting during the upcoming gun deer season. Even though hunting is not allowed on established trails, all Ridges trails will be closed from Saturday, November 19th through Sunday, November 27th. The trail closure applies to hiking trails in Baileys Harbor & at the Ridges Logan Creek property near Jacksonport. The organization was established to protect the unique flora of the area. Deer, with historically & unnaturally high population densities, are threatening the existence of such plants as the showy lady’s slipper. When faced with the prospect of rare plants being browsed by deer, the decision was made to allow hunting in order to keep the number of animals in a more appropriate balance with the habitat. Hunters are required to fill out a form & return it to the Ridges office before the start of the season.

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