Humane Society Assisting in Feral Cat Capture on Washington Island

At the request of Door County and the county Corporation Counsel, the Door County Humane Society is assisting in the seizure of dozens of cats from a single property on Washington Island. The home has been condemned as a human health hazard and is being torn down on Thursday. The dozens of cats living in and around the home are reported to be largely feral and undomesticated and cannot safely remain on the property. The cats are being trapped and transported to the Door County Humane Society over the course of a few days. Neighbors have been asked to leave the traps alone so that the cats can be removed safely. Humane officers, shelter staff and a veterinarian will evaluate each cat to determine the health and behavioral status of each animal. In cases where animals are living in deplorable conditions without human interaction, disease and significant health issues are all too common. The Humane Society staff is preparing the shelter in order to isolate the cats from other cats to limit disease transmission and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

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