Hotel Developer’s Claim Denied by City Council

After discussing the matter in closed session, the Sturgeon Bay City Council voted to deny a claim filed by developer Bob Papke in connection with a proposed hotel on the city’s west side waterfront. The property, which has been embroiled in a dispute between a friends group, the city and its Waterfront Redevelopment Authority, has already been the subject of two court cases and is currently being evaluated by the DNR as the state agency determines the ordinary high water mark, the line that determines public lake bed and private land. In June, when Papke’s Sawyer Hotel Development, LLC dropped continuing plans to develop the Lindgren Hotel, the announcement also indicated that a notice of claim would be filed. The basis for the claim was the contention that the city was not forthcoming with information on concerns over the location of the ordinary high water mark. Several hundred thousand dollars could be sought if the matter ends up in court. The city council action Tuesday sets up a 60-day timeline if action is to be taken in that direction.

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