Hand Grenade Found in Cookie Jar in Institute

We’ve all heard the expression, “caught with your hand in the cookie jar,” but how about having a hand grenade in the cookie jar? A northern Door County woman found that out earlier this month in Institute. The woman told investigators that the cookie jar was part of a number of items that were on the side of the road at a home near Sevastopol School. After checking out the free items, she took the cookie jar home. Inside, she found seven small vases individually wrapped in newspaper and what appeared to be a hand grenade. That’s when she contacted the Door County Sheriff’s Department. Sergeant Robert Sitte thought the device appeared to be a Japanese grenade from World War Two, but he was not sure if it still was a hazard. The Brown County Bomb Squad was contacted and, after checking it out, decided the grenade was no longer active. The man who put the items out said his wife passed away two years ago and he was in the process of giving away some of her effects. He said he was unaware that the grenade was in the cookie jar and speculated that it may have been obtained during his wife’s previous marriage.

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