Grandparents Scam Averted

A cooperative effort involving a local pharmacy, the office of the Door County Court Commissioner and the Door County Sheriff’s Department saved a area resident from becoming a victim of the “grandparents scam” Thursday. Court Commissioner Jennifer Moeller told WDOR News that the man had received an emergency plea from a caller claiming to be his grandchild. He was told his relative had been in an accident and was in jail. The local man was urged to buy a money card and the numbers could be given over the phone “to take care of everything.” Money was actually taken out of a bank and the resident tried to purchase a money card at the Sturgeon Bay CVS Pharmacy. Michelle, the pharmacy clerk, sensed something “fishy” and called the justice center. That’s how Moeller got involved. The man was told not to buy the card as an attempt was made to clarify facts while waiting for law enforcement assistance. In the end, a sheriff’s deputy convinced the man that he was being scammed. In addition, Michelle and Amanda at CVS helped him verify that his grandson was not in jail. Moeller says she is gratified that Michelle and Amanda at CVS went beyond the call of duty to help avert a criminal act.

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