Granary Moved To New Location Thursday

It took several hours, but the old grain elevator in Sturgeon Bay was moved from its home on the city’s west side waterfront to a new east side location Thursday. Plans had initially called for the movers to began the process at about 3AM, but it was shortly after 5AM that the 68-foot granary and its trailer began its slow trek to a site off First Avenue. By 10AM, the structure had arrived at the foot of the Maple/Oregon Street Bridge, awaiting the turn to a specially-prepared parcel directly across from the Frozen Spoon restaurant. During the move, dozens of people took in the historic event which marked the largest building ever moved in Sturgeon Bay. After the granary was set in place, a christening ceremony put a historic exclamation point on the move. Getting the 117-year old structure to the east side location is just the beginning of the process. The plan is to rehabilitate the granary, bringing it back to the way it looked at the turn of the last century. The hope is that will happen some time in 2019.

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