Grain Elevator Saga Continues

Folks who were hoping for a resolution to the impasse over the old grain elevator in Sturgeon Bay were probably disappointed Monday evening. As has been the case in four previous meetings, Mayor Thad Birmingham attempted to call the meeting to order…

A few minutes later, it was obvious that the meeting had been boycotted and couldn’t proceed…

The city council has already voted to dismantle the 116-year old granary which continues to be under a demolition order issued by Fire Chief Tim Dietman who says the structure is unstable and a danger to people and property. The special meeting, and others like it, were called to accept a bid to take the building down. However, five council-members are needed to constitute a quorum for the seven person body. Without that number, the meeting can’t move forward. The missing council-members do not accept the council compromise that would have the building dismantled and stored, rather than torn down and disposed of.

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