Grain Elevator Deconstruction Back on Council Agenda

The matter of bids for dismantling, salvaging and storing the old grain elevator in Sturgeon Bay will again be on an agenda for a city council session, this time for its regular meeting on Tuesday afternoon. But, judging from what has happened at previous meetings, the governmental body will not be able to get to the agenda item due to the lack of a quorum. Three alder-persons, Kelly Catarozoli, Barb Allmann and Laurel Hauser, have indicated that they will not participate in a vote they believe will lead to the demolition of the 116 year old granary. Hence the impasse.

In a recent statement, the three council members laid out their objections to the requested action. They claim the order to raze the structure was politically motivated, the Historic Preservation Commission supports preserving the structure, the city needs to negotiate with the Wisconsin Historical Society over the matter, the ordinary high water mark has yet to be determined, and, about $1.5 million is available to stabilize, renovate and endow the building. In addition,they say that proposals incorporating the granary are available and should be heard.

It’s difficult to determine how long the council will remain at loggerheads over the fate of the structure.

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