Grain Elevator Conversation Continues

When it comes to the fate of the old grain elevator in Sturgeon Bay, opinions vary. In one camp, the consensus is that it is absolutely critical to save the 116-year old structure as an iconic symbol of the past. On the other side, the building is seen as a danger to life and limb and should come down. As things stand now, the city council has approved a contract to disassemble the granary and store it.

A couple representatives of the Sturgeon Bay Historical Society kept the discussion going during the WDOR Talk Show Monday. The year old organization, headed up by Christie Weber, has pushed hard to have the granary rehabilitated at its current location, pointing out that an anonymous donor has pledged more than a million dollars as part of the effort to fix the old building. Weber said the idea for a Sturgeon Historical Society was formulated around a campfire attended by herself, first district alder-person Kelly Catarozoli, Hans Christian and Shawn Fairchild, members of the friends group that sued the city over the ordinary high water mark for the west side waterfront parcel that was slated for economic development.

George Evenson, former President of the Door County Historical Society, is a member of the Sturgeon Bay group and talked about saving the large grain elevator…

However a caller offered his solution to the impasse…

While the impasse continues, the grain elevator remains under a demolition order issued by Fire Chief Tim Dietman last year.

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