Fund Update For Light Replacement At Memorial Field

The Sturgeon Bay Board of Education has pledged to pay $75,000 of the cost of needed light replacement at Memorial Field and at the PBI Softball Field. The west side softball field is also being considered for the light replacement project. Superintendent Joe Stutting told the school board¬†Wednesday evening that he had been able to secure a $100,000 grant fro the lighting project, but that figure was less than what he had hoped for. With that in mind,¬†he asked the board to up the school district’s contribution from his original suggestion of $50,000 to the $75,000 figure.

Stutting noted that another$40,000 had been raised and Sturgeon Bay Utilities had invested $32,000 in planning for the work needed. He said local organizations and individuals would “chip in” to help pay for the project which is moving forward. Stutting said the cost of the lighting project is estimated at $366,000.

Sturgeon Bay Schools use the Memorial and PBI fields about 50% of the time. The lights were last replaced in 1976, but the 60 year-old poles have been deemed too dangerous to work on.

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