Friends of Forestville Dam Force County Board Recall

After being stymied in its first effort to force a recall election in protest of a proposed draw-down for the pond near the Forestville dam, a group opposed to the project is moving forward with its effort to unseat Door County District Three Supervisor Roy Englebert. This time the Friends of the Forestville Dam had the requisite number of signatures needed to force the vote. The group says the draw-down, which is expected to take about two years to complete, is unnecessary and only will have a negative impact on those who live nearby. Englebert joined a majority on the Door County Board in siding with the idea that dropping the water level would kill off the invasive species that have clogged the small body of water. Many in the citizens group think dredging is the answer, a method deemed too expensive by the county. As things stand now, a recall election could be held on November 19th. However, should a primary election be needed, the election would be pushed back to December 19th. Whatever the outcome, the seat on the Door County Board would be up for election in April 2020.

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