Four Year Old Revived by CPR After Near Drowning

Quick work by a couple from Egg Harbor may have saved their four year old son from drowning over the weekend. First responders were dispatched to the pool area at the Newport Resort in Egg Harbor Saturday evening after receiving the report that a boy was not breathing and CPR had been started. While en route, deputies learned that the boy started throwing up and was breathing. Upon arrival, officers noted that the four year old, who was being attended to by first responders, was still very pale and blue. The child’s mother said he was in the area of the pool, near the steps, in water three feet deep, floating face down in the water. When his mother picked him up, he was unresponsive, not breathing and starting to turn blue. CPR was started and, after about 60 seconds, the boy started coughing and throwing up. He was transported to Ministry Door County Medical Center for treatment.

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