Farm Accident Injures Man in Sevastopol

A farm accident, off Ripp Road, in the Town of Sevastopol late Wednesday afternoon, left a 45-year old Door County man injured. The page was issued at 6:13PM and emergency personnel were sent to 5121 Ripp Road. The initial report indicated that a man, 20 to 30 years of age, was injured when he became entangled in a piece of farm machinery. The investigating officer later learned that Peter Peot of Sturgeon Bay, was helping a friend bail hay when the bailer jammed and he attempted to clear it. After putting the tractor in neutral and disengaging the power takeoff, Peot cleared the hay out, but tension from the belts released and pulled him in. A neighbor, Mike McHugh, heard screaming and ran to the tractor and found Peot. He called 911 indicating that a crow bar was needed to free the injured man’s legs from the bailer’s belts. Peot was found at the top of the bailer. Several EMS and fire department personnel worked to free him and he was lifted down while in the bucket of another tractor. An ambulance crew transported him to Door County Medical Center for treatment of his injuries. Peot’s condition was initially listed as “stable”.

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