Family Searching for Home After Fire

Julie Nordvall is faced with a difficult dilemma. The southern Door County woman lost everything in a fire in the Town of Union December 18th. Since the day, she has been allowed to use a seasonal rental home, but that opportunity ends on Monday. Julie has been unable to find a replacement home that will meet the needs of her family in southern Door County. She does not want to move her three children out of the school district. The answer is a three bedroom home which would meet her needs, but she has struck out in her search for such a dwelling. Julie says so many people have made donations, ranging from furniture to clothing, and the offers are much appreciated, but it doesn’t pay to accept items without a home to put them in. She told WDOR that she is desperate to find housing and is willing to work out any kind of arrangement, such as house-sitting, to put a roof over her head and the heads of her three kids. If there is anyone who can help Julie Nordvall find the housing she needs, call this number 1(920)-559-0724.

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