Emergency Vehicle Fun Day Moved to August

This is the time of the year when the Door County Sheriff’s Department holds its Emergency Vehicle Fun Day. The event, created by Juvenile Investigator Chris Neuville eight years ago exposes young people and their families to emergency vehicles and equipment on call around the clock to serve residents and visitors. The fun day, which had been located at the Cherryland Airport, is moving to warmer climes. Neuville says, this year, the event will be held in August at John Miles County Park. He says the change is the outgrowth of the fickleness of the weather in the month of May…

Neuville says he’s looking forward to the Emergency Vehicle Fun Day joining forces with the second annual Safe Kids Day…

In years past, the Door County Emergency Vehicle Fun Day has included everything from squad cars and fire trucks, to an ambulance and a mobile headquarters, to a Coast Guard boat and a helicopter.

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