Electrical Fire Closes Sturgeon Bay Dairy Queen

There was a fire call at the Sturgeon Bay Dairy Queen Tuesday afternoon. Just before 12:30PM, the employees there reported electrical arcing, flames, and smoke around the circuit breaker electrical box, and one employee used a hand-held fire extinguisher before calling 911. Sturgeon Bay Fire Chief Kalin Montevideo explains…

Fire Chief Montevideo reports that besides she and her command vehicle, as well as 2 trucks and 4 firefighters responded from the department. No further extinguishing was required. They called Sturgeon Bay Utilities who then arrived to fully cut off the power at the supply pole. The owner was advised to call an electrician to fix the problem. The trucks were able to leave the scene in less than one hour and there were no injuries.
*Update – The Sturgeon Bay Dairy Queen has re-opened.

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