Egg Harbor Development May Take a Backseat to History

The Egg Harbor Historical Society is asking the Village of Egg Harbor to hold off on plans to demolish a building it acquired while the structure’s historic significance is evaluated by an independent third party. The village announced plans to raze the building & replace it with a multi-purpose facility that would provide expanded library space, offer a place for the general public to meet & showcase information on local tourism, history & lore. The building, which most recently was known as “The Jersey Shore Pub,” has had plenty of incarnations over the years since it was constructed in 1935 by Thomas Carmody. According to information supplied by the Egg Harbor Historical Society, the architectural style of the building is unique to Door County & represents a high level of craftsmanship that may have existed only a short time in the village. The information also notes that no other structure in Egg Harbor is so uniquely poised to interpret & present what the social life was like in the early days of rural Door County.

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