Eagle Tower Meeting Thursday Night

Information on the latest efforts to raise funds to rebuild the Eagle Tower at Peninsula State Park near Fish Creek will be presented during a meeting on Thursday. The 7PM session will be held at the old town hall in Fish Creek. Topics include a summary of the project to date, the tower wood assessment process, and fundraising efforts for a new structure. A visual inspection of the 75-foot platform led to a more in-depth inspection completed in the spring of last year. The inspection indicated that the tower was in poor shape structurally and it was closed to the public a year ago in May. Since that time, the Friends of Peninsula State Park have been working with local organizations, legislators and Door County residents to establish the need for rebuilding the tower. The upcoming meeting is sponsored by the Friends of Peninsula State Park, and the newly formed Eagle Tower Fund Committee. For more information, email the Eagle Tower Committee at eagletowercommittee@gmail.com

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