Door County Reads Begins 10th Year January 23rd

Door County Reads has selected a Pulitzer Prize winning novel about life in small town America as its 10th anniversary offering beginning on January 23rd. “Empire Falls,” by Richard Russo presents a cast of characters who gravitate around the protagonist, Miles Roby, mild-mannered manager of the local grill, ultimate townie and doormat. The plots and sub-plots in the seedy Maine city set the stage for the book’s narrative and devastating ending. Door County Library Director, Becca Berger, says Door County Reads began its life as The Big Read…

Before it’s over, Door County Reads will have provided multiple opportunities for residents to learn more about the basic elements of “Empire Falls,” by Richard Russo. She says everything begins on January 23rd in Fish Creek…

Copies of the book which was published in 2001 and won the Pulitzer Prize the following year, are available at the Door County Library. For more information, call 743-6578 or go to

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